Location: 3071 Waccamaw Center

Mall 1, Myrtle Beach, SC

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(843) 450-7954​

We accept:

* brand-name children's clothing (newborn to size 16)      *shoes

*toys      *cribs (manufactured after June 2011)      *high chairs

*strollers      *bassinets      *pack-n-plays      *bathtubs

*potties      *books      *puzzles      *baby furniture

*play mats      *exersaucers      *outdoor play equipment      *kitchens

Attaching tags to clothes:

  • All clothes should be brought in on hangers with all buttons buttoned, zippers zipped, snaps snapped, etc.
  • Pants need to be safety pinned to a regular hanger (not folded over so they can be seen well). or you may use pant hangers.
  • Outfits with one tag should be hung together with the shirt on the hanger and the pants/shorts/skirt safety pinned to the back of the shirt or on two hangers rubber banded together.
  • The hanger opening should be on the left when the item is facing you (the hanger will look like a question mark).​

Confused? E-mail us at beachbabieskidsale@gmail.com


Tagging Items

We recommend that items be priced 1/2 to 1/3 of original price. All items should be brought in clean and in working condition. A little preparation on your part will bring in more money. Taking the time to iron clothing makes a big difference. For a full list of acceptable items and those we do not accept, please see the Consignor Registration page. Please remember, "The better items look, the better they sell!"

Making Tags: (scroll down for BBK's tagging service option)

For Electronic Tags:

  • Note: Once you are ready to print your tags, you must use White or pastel colored card stock. The barcode will run and will not be legible if card stock is not used. You can buy these at office supply stores as well as Wal-Mart.
  • Once you are registered via my sale manager you can log in on the home page of our website. To login, you will need your consignor number and password.
  • Go to "activities menu" and click "work with consigned inventory". A new page will come up.
  • Click "active inventory" and choose how you plan to enter your items (mobile or computer)  .

Enter Items:

  • Select the category for your item (baby equipment, clothing, toys, etc.) using the drop down menu.
  • Select the size of your item if this is applicable using the drop down menu. If there is no size, such as a toy, you can select the "leave blank" option. PLEASE NOTE: Only junior/ teen items may use the small, medium, large sizes. For kids clothing, these are generally the sizes: extra small (4), small (6), medium (8), large (10-12), extra large (14-16). 
  • Shortcut Hint: You can type the first letter of the size such as an "L" for Large or "LE" for leave blank. This means you will not have to scroll through all the sizes.
  • Description 1: type in a short description of your item (ex. Gymboree dress). The program will allow you to use up to 24 characters.
  • Description 2: Use this line if you want to include additional information about your item.
  • Enter a price for your item. Remember that nothing should be priced below $3.00 and please price in dollar increments.
  • Enter the quantity of the item. This can be used for multiple items with the same information (ex. my little pony accessories, if you have 3 ziploc bags full and want each to sell for $5, simply enter 3 in power tagging and 3 item numbers will be issued and 3 tags will print, one for each bag).
  • Check "discount" box if you want your item to be discounted 50% off on Sunday. We encourage you to let some or all of your items discount. You will be glad at the end of the sale.
  • Check "donate" box if you want your item to be donated if it does not sell by the end of the sale. Please note that a donation report will be made available to you at the close of the sale for tax purposes if you choose donate: yes.
  • Click submit item.
  • Scroll down and your item should be visible.
  • If you need to change a detail, click on the edit item button.
  • You can now enter your next item.

See all Inventory:

  • To see a list of all of your entered items, click the inventory reports button.
  • All of your items will be listed.
  • All items will be saved in the system. You DO NOT have to enter all tags at once.

Printing Tags:

  1. Log In to your account. 
  2. Click on "activities menu".
  3. Click on "Print Tags".
  4. Choose to print all tags or only print selected tags.
  5. Print document to your printer​
  • ​On clothing, the tag should be safety pinned to the upper right hand corner of the item when it is facing you.
  • As extra security, you can place a piece of masking tape with your consignor number on the inside of each item. This will ensure that items that lose their tags will be returned to you.
  • You also have the option of using a tagging gun to attach your tags. Please attach the tag either through the brand tag in the item. Tagging guns can leave holes. Please only tag the item in this place or it may leave a hole in your clothing. Items with holes will not be accepted for the sale.

See example:

Tagging other items:

  • Tags to other items should be attached with one strip of clear packing tape across the top of the index card to insure the tag stays with the item as it is handled during the sale.
  • Books should be grouped in Ziploc bags with 3-4 books in each, the tag should be taped to the outside of the Ziploc bag.
  • Toys should have all loose pieces placed in Ziploc bags and taped to the toy along with the tag.
  • Shoes should be zip tied together with a zip tye with the tag pinned to the shoes. Please do not bring shoes in boxes. The boxes get separated from the shoes and crushed.
  • Bedding should be placed in original packages or extra large Ziploc bags with the tag taped to the outside of the bag.
  • Loose items like bibs, cloth diapers, and diapers should be placed in Ziploc bags with the tag taped to the outside of the bag.